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Africa inSight creates great African Content for Broadcast, Online and Corporate Clients.

A truly pan-African digital media house, we deliver cutting edge African News, Creative and Animated content from our base in Nairobi.

Africa InSight has created some amazing products. Check them out.

Africa Today

IHA Africa Today - News content that goes out daily from across Africa, distributed direct into broadcast newsrooms via our dedicated app. International quality, curated by editors with serious news pedigrees. Now joined by THE EXCHANGE.


BAQE - The African Basketball Show highlighting the games, music and culture associated with the fastest growing sport in Africa. Find BAQE (say it: "ba-kay) on Zuku Sports HD and free-to-air channels across Africa. Now in Season IV.

Xtreme Outdoors Africa

XOA - Xtreme Outdoors Africa. Moto-X, Rallying, Xtreme Cycling, Sky and Scuba diving; Africa is the best outdoors in the world and us Africans are just starting to have xtreme fun. Filming from August 2015.

Shift Africa

SHiFT - Innovation, Technology and Social Change across Africa, an eight-part series. Now on Channel ED on the DSTV platform and free to air channels across the continent.

Scary mug shots of the crew

Joshua Werema

Head of Video

Issah Panyako

Media Producer

Nelson Mwanyalo

Lead Animator

David Oluoch

Media Producer

Fouad Juez

Creative Director

Geoffrey Nyamugutu

Logistics Manager

Jeff Kahinju

Motion Producer

Teresia Charagu

News Editor

Tom Kirkwood


Everlyne Achieng

Office Administrator

Oyoo Olilo

Media Producer

Peter Osicho

Script Writer

Silalei Owuor

HR Manager

Conrad Wnadera

Office Administrator

Erica Gavala

Head of TV

Reaching out to the wider community with corporate social responsibility activities.

Africa InSight has an ongoing partnership with Maasai NGO, MANDO, providing MANDO with media training and PR, including media like the video below, which looks at how MANDO has been assisting with the education of girl children.

Educating the Girl Child

Other CSR activities include the following video which Africa InSight created for free for Lamu-based NGO,

Anidan Lamu

As small as we are, Africa InSight strives to be a responsible company, responsible employer and responsible member of the international community, dedicated to creating a sustainable world.

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+27 (11)7821223

Lagos, Nigeria Office

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+234 8136815139
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